Christmas Gift Ideas for Neighbors, Teachers, and Students

It's that time again!  Time to start thinking about the perfect gifts for all the special people in your life!  Here at Montana Elderberry, we’re committed to helping you live a holistically healthy lifestyle and making an impact in local communities.  That’s why we work to bring you the best Organic Elderberry Syrup products on the market.

Along with the holidays, it’s also cold and flu season.  Our Organic Elderberry Syrup is made from European Black Elderberry (Sambucus Negra) and is full of vitamins, antioxidants, and polyphenol flavonols for immune support as you shop and celebrate the holidays.  We've compiled a list of unique gift ideas for the special friends, neighbors, teachers, and students in your life.  As always, we encourage you to shop small and organic American-made products whenever possible - just like Montana Elderberry!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Neighbors

The last two years have shown all of us the value of community - and how important it is to support each other!  One silver lining to the Covid pandemic is that we've grown much closer to our neighbors and been able to spend a lot more time with them, all in the same close-knit "bubble".  This year, Christmas gift ideas for neighbors are especially important.

One way to give back to your community is through buying gift cards to local stores, restaurants, and coffee shops that your neighbors frequent or may enjoy trying for the first time. 

Low-cost, meaningful Christmas gift ideas for neighbors can include things like sharing recipes for favorite dishes, baking cookies or pies, and offering to cover date-night babysitting for the families in your neighborhood.

Some Christmas gift ideas for neighbors from Montana Elderberry include our signature Organic Elderberry Syrup - great for unique mixed drinks and preventative cold and flu immune support. 

Our product line also includes an Elderberry Syrup Kit for home brewing - perfect for your neighbor who loves creating, cooking, or trying something new!

Teacher Gift Ideas

The holidays are the perfect time to thank the teachers in your life.  As a former teacher myself, I know the joy of receiving personal notes and cards from my students and their families. 

Teacher gift ideas sure to bring a smile to any educator are gift cards to coffee shops, local restaurants, and if you know their favorites — homemade desserts!  We also recommend our Organic Elderberry Syrup Kit coupled with the Elderberry Echinacea Tea blend to give the teacher in your life all the immune support they need throughout the school year. 

Did you know that almost all of the cute things you see in your child’s classroom are provided by teachers themselves?  The borders, the bulletin boards, prize boxes, pillows, stuffed animals, and many other things that make a classroom feel inviting - these are not funded by the school.  Most often, money for art supplies is coming out of their own pockets because they know that the little things make a big difference every day.

For this reason, great teacher gift ideas include gift cards for Teacher Pay Teacher and local craft supply stores so that teachers may restock their supplies.  Other teacher gift ideas include creating your own gift basket of art supplies, sweets, coffee - but please - no scented glue or markers (especially irresistible for a taste test from younger students), and definitely no glitter!

There are also many teacher gift ideas to pamper them outside of the classroom and through a restful holiday break.  As a former teacher - while I love a good coffee mug - my shelves are already overflowing with them!  Packaging a gift in a re-usable storage container or basket is a great way to think outside the box rather than using another coffee cup.

To help teachers de-stress, I recommend a gift from Montana Pure Botanicals.  Pamper the teachers in your life with a CBD spa gift basket with soy candles, Total Renewal Face Oil, CBD Body Oil, bath bombs, and a skin exfoliating sponge.

Best Gifts for Male Teachers

While all of the above teacher gift ideas are great for any gender, we wanted to take the time to highlight the best gifts for male teachers!  Instead of a spa day, why not give a gift card to a local sports venue - like a driving range, tickets to a game, or for a local gym.  Other ideas include our immune-boosting Montana Elderberry Syrup which is a delicious and unique mixer for creating a spectacular cocktail.

Some practical best gifts for male teachers are stylish, high-quality hats, or modern and slim genuine leather money-clip wallets.  For a fashionable teacher, check out these slick wooden sunglasses, traditional enough to suit many tastes.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Students

As students across the country make their way home from college for the holidays, we’re here to recommend Christmas gift ideas for students!  Our Organic Elderberry Syrup Duo is a great way to support immune health for students as they study for finals with a bottle and a refill pouch - so there's no chance they will run out! 

With the busyness of the end of the term, practical gifts like gift cards to their favorite restaurants to grab a quick bite - or even grocery stores - are widely appreciated.

Other Christmas gift ideas for students include gas cards for the drive around town or all the way home for the holidays. When finals are over, you can help your student de-stress and focus on their self-care with premium organic Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil from Montana Pure Botanicals.  Great Christmas gift ideas for students from their CBD skincare suite are the Total Renewal Face Oil, bioactive Body Balm, or a gift card - so they can pick out their favorites!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Pet Sitters

With holiday travel and the daily busyness of life, pet sitters come to the rescue year-round to support the furriest members of your family.  Our Christmas gift ideas for pet sitters are practical items like premium lint rollers for all that fur and warm gloves for those chilly outdoor walks.  Other Christmas gift ideas for pet sitters include thoughtful gifts like surprising them with their favorite hot drink as they come to walk your pet or giving them a gift card to their go-to coffee shop.

From Montana Elderberry, we have great Christmas gift ideas for pet sitters.  All that outdoor time playing with your pets, especially in these colder months, it's nice to come indoors and enjoy a steaming cup of delicious tea!  We recommend the organic Elderberry Echinacea Tea blend which is caffeine free and perfect for anytime of day. 

Similarly, our Organic Elderberry Syrup is another great Christmas gift idea for your pet sitter.  It's chock full of immune boosting quercetin, vitamins, and antioxidants that helps your pet sitter stay healthy as they walk in the cold weather.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Service Providers

There are so many people who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make our neighborhoods, cities, and country run smoothly.  Over the last two years, we’ve been given a small glimpse into just how dedicated and persistent service providers can be. 

Christmas gift ideas for service providers include cards and notes that express your gratitude and acknowledgement that their work has not gone unnoticed this year.  Why not pair that note with a home-made gift basket containing our Elderberry Syrup Kit, Elderberry Echinacea Tea, and a gift card for calming Montana Pure Botanicals Full Spectrum Hemp Oil products?  They'd love it!

Some other Christmas gift ideas for service providers are gift cards to local restaurants, spas, or gift shops so that the people who are so invested in the community can continue to give back, even as they treat themselves.

Best Gift for your Yoga Teacher

To round out our holiday gift guide, we’re focusing on the best gift for your yoga teacher!  Pushing their physical bodies every day, many yoga teachers experience joint and muscle aches.  There's no better remedy than all-natural, 100% organic CBD Body Balm made with high potency hemp oil, shea butter, and natural beeswax. 

Yogis, like Montana Elderberry, are committed to holistic health from the inside out - and any product from our Organic Elderberry products line-up is sure to be a great addition to their health routine and an appreciated gift for your yoga teacher as well!

You’ve made your list, checked it twice - and we hope you’re feeling inspired and equipped to give meaningful, health-conscious, and small business supporting gifts to the people who have made a difference in your life this year. We wish you a very happy holiday season!



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